7500 men and women currently serve in the Irish Army.. Their work includes Regimental duties.Seargent Mark Gillan of Finnor Camp visited St. Aengus’ N.S. with his colleague on Tuesday October 6th on Regimental duty to present us with the National Flag.

The flag is presented to each school in the country and will be raised on March 15th 2016 by all in commemoration of the 1916 Rising. Pictured left is Aoife Deane, the youngest child present accepting the flag on behalf  of St. Aengus’ N.S.

Special care must be taken of the flag. It must be raised in the morning and taken down at sunset.It must not be allowed to fall on the ground.

We will rise the flag on special occasions only.

Laura Mc Bride read part of the proclamation to  the whole school and is pictured here with the army representatives

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