St Brigid’s Cross

On Friday we made some very lovely St. Brigid’s Crosses using pipe cleaners!

image (24) image (25) image (26)

What am I?


It looks like a blood bird.


It never needs to take a bath.


It ‘s a bit two-faced.


Killing people.


People trying to kill him.

Favourite game :

Hide and go boo.

Scream scale rating:

It will scream a house down.

By Zara (5th class) 


Today was a very exciting day in 4th and 5th class as we had a class trip to Letterkenny as part of Wainfest 2014! Our First stop was Donegal County Museum where we learned all about World War 1, particularly how it affected people from Donegal and their involvement in the war. Next stop was Letterkenny library where we relaxed and read some books and finally we attended a cartoon workshop by Jarla. We really enjoyed ourselves!

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Halloween Art

We have completed our Halloween Art. It was a two-step art project. First we painted our backgrounds, blending different colours to make a sunset. After it dried we used black card to cut out silhouettes and stuck these onto our backgrounds. Here are some pictures of our work.

image (4) image (6) image (5)

Book Review

We finished reading Billionaire Boy by David Walliams as our daily read aloud. We really enjoyed the book and we have written book reviews on it! We are currently reading Demon Dentist by the same author.

image (8) image (9) image (10)

Cheerios Childline Breakfast Morning

4th and 5th class really enjoyed our Cheerios Childline Breakfast morning. Thank you for all your donations!

cheerios1 cheerios3 cheerios4 cheerios2

A Visit From The Old Courthouse

Today we had some visitors from the Old Courthouse in Lifford. They told us all about what would happen to people who broke the law in Donegal in the 18th and 19th century. It was both fun and educational!

photo (3)image (1)image

History of Money

4th and 5th class have been learning about the history of money. We have also been learning about how bartering was used before money. We looked at money from different countries around the world and how it differs from the Euro.  unnamed (3) unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed


During September 4th and 5th class learned all about Pompeii. We learned about the history of Pompeii and how volcanoes erupt. Using clay we made volcanoes and cities and in Science we used baking soda and vinegar to make our volcanoes erupt, just like Mount Vesuvius! During our assembly we talked to the rest of school about Pompeii and showed them our science experiment! Here are some pictures from different stages of our project!IMG_5196  IMG_5198

IMG_5199 IMG_5200

IMG_5220 IMG_5223

IMG_5224 IMG_5226

IMG_5230 IMG_5231

IMG_5232 IMG_5233

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