⇒Day 1 – This year (2022/2023) we had the most fun filled, action packed Active week. On our first day we had so many different stations to choose from. We had rugby, hurling, tug of war, drama, dancing basketball, art and karate. It’s safe to say we were all tired at the end of the day. 


⇒Day 2 – On the second day of Active week, the entire school went to the beach. The weather was brilliant and sun was shining all day. We brought our buckets and spades and we dug some humongous holes. We also splashed about in the water to cool down. It was so much fun!



⇒Day 3 – For day three of our Active week we had 2 obstacle course bouncy castles at the school. They were so much fun! We also had dancing, art boxing and football stations again. 


2017 Active Week    

We had an amazing time this week enjoying all of the activities that were planned for our Active and Arts week. Everybody had lots of fun and we are all looking forward to next year already!

We performed a whole school dance routine with our brilliant dance teacher. All of the classes had lots of fun learning different dance moves over the last couple of weeks.

We had bouncy castles in our school this week!!! What a great surprise and definitely one of the many highlights.

Members of a local cricket club visited our school and showed us lots of new skills.

We all took part in a pottery class with a very skilled pottery teacher. We made a variety of pots and monster faces using clay. It was fantastic!

We all took part in a gymnastics workshop in the hall where we learned how to balance, ribbon dance and roll!!

Our local karate club came to visit and showed us lots of different moves that we can use to defend ourselves!

We got to experience tug of war and had so much fun competing against each other!

Local coaches from our football , hurling, basketball and soccer clubs came to visit our school to show us lots of drills and skills.

Jarla, the very talented cartoonist. showed us how to draw a variety of pictures and how to make an image come to life.

We took part in a penalty shoot out competition where we had to hit a variety of different targets on an inflatable goal.

We even got to spend an hour being an archaeologist! We investigated sand boxes using tools and found lots of fossils and artefacts.

A samba drummer showed us different rhythms, patterns and beats using a variety of Djembe drums. Check out our crazy hats!

Here we are playing some indoor games during Sports day. Ludo, snakes and ladders and twister were a big hit.

Students from the senior classes played the finals of their basketball and football blitzes. There was a presentation for the winning teams. well done to all that were involved.