Welcome to our assembly.

We have spent all week learning about the importance of a healthy body.

We have made lots of healthy choices this week.

1. I brush my teeth.

2. I wash my hands with soap and water.

3. I eat fruit every day.

4. I eat vegetables every day.

5. I get plenty of sleep.

6. I drink lots of water.

It’s important to look after your body.

Song ‘ Head shoulders knees and toes’

Today we want to show everyone how we have used mindfulness in the classroom to exercise our brain.

First we need to tell you about the brain.

This is the brain.

The Hippocampus is where we store our memories.

The amygdala is like the brain’s super hero, protecting us from threats. It helps us to react quickly when there is danger.

The part of our brain that helps us make good choices is called the prefrontal cortex.

Remember, the amygdala, the jumpy superhero, often makes rash choices. What we want to do is help the jumpy superhero calm down.

But how? Here’s the trick.

We calm down, come into the moment, and focus on our breathing.

Mindfulness helps us to calm down

Let’s all relax and and come into the moment. Close your eyes and just focus on your breathing.

Play 3 min mindfulness

Now to finish we have Danielle playing the violin. Finding something we enjoy can help us train our brain to stay focuses and be more positive


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