Floors are being scrubbed, walls painted,  books ordered and bricks going up.  We are ready and waiting for a new school year in St. Aengus NS.

Information on the uniform and healthy eating policies are on the website.

With the new classroom going up we have extra safety procedures in place.

The school car park will be open in the morning and evening times.  We ask for the first few mornings that only junior infant parents park there as they will want to leave their children to the door. All other people can drop and go in the car park where possible. The old pedestrian entrance is no longer in operation. There is a new one in place.  This is where the buses will drop off also. The bus car park is now closed. There will be teachers in high vis jackets on the gates to make sure everyone gets in and out safely.  We ask you for your patience during this time.

If you wish to take your child out during the day,  please ring Bernie before hand where possible. Please enter the school through the teachers car park entrance and go directly to the office. Junior and senior parents can collect from the classroom as normal at 2pm.

The construction of the classroom will be complete sometime in the new year (Jan/Feb).  We ask everyone for their patience and as always my door is always open to any suggestions or improvements.

We are so looking forward to seeing all the new junior infant boys and girls and a few more up through the classes. Ms. McLaughlin hasn’t slept in a week she is so excited. We welcome also Ms. McAteer to 4th class and Ms. Greene to fifth class.

Roll on Thursday the 30th @9.20 (a gentle reminder), we are ready for ye 😉


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