A massive welcome back to all the boys and girls of St. Aengus N.S.. They were all full of stories and fun from our amazing summer. We especially welcome our new junior infants who bounded into school and their faces were full of smiles and laughter as they left.

Book rental scheme: We are asking for €40 for every child in the school to help cover the costs of the books, photocopying and art supplies. This payment is now due so if you could either send it into your teacher or deliver it to the office. You will receive a receipt. Our donation envelopes go out on the 15th of most months.

When entering the school: Please use the teacher’s car park entrance to enter the office. There is no access to the office via the classrooms. There is no access to any classroom during the day. Visitor should always report to the office. This is a child protection measure and we ask for everyone’s patience while the building works continue.

School closed: The school will be closed on October the 26th for the Presidential election.

Morning club: Children can be dropped from 8.30am in the school car park. The children can then safety walk up to fifth class (the nearest class to the office) and remain there until 9.00 when they go out onto the yard. The morning club is done to facilitate parents who need to drop off early so they can go to work. It works well when there is a small number.

Uniforms: The children look very smart in their uniforms and I would like to thank everyone for their support of this policy. Details of the policy are on the website and in the homework journal. There will be a uniform week at the end of September.

Healthy eating: Once again I would like to thank everyone for their support in seeing all the healthy lunches yesterday. Healthy options, portion control and not diet are the best ways to ensure your child has a positive outlook in food. The children are allowed to bring in a treat on Friday. Please make sure this is a treat size for children not an adult portion. The healthy eating policy is on the website and in the new homework journal. There will be a healthy eating week at the end of September.

Green school’s flag: In preparation for a new green school flag we are asking the children from junior infants to 6th to bring home all their rubbish and recycle. The only thing that will be going into the school bins are paper and pencil pairings.

School lunches: Please fill out school lunch forms and return to the office.

Junior infants: Junior infants can line up on the yard on Monday morning beside the junior infant classroom.

Nut allergy: We have children that have a severe nut allergy in the school so we have a complete ban on all nut based products in the school.

Water cooler: Every classroom in the school now has a fresh cool water dispenser so children should bring in their own water bottles to fill them up. Sports drinks, dilute and fizzy drinks are not allowed in the healthy eating policy.

Child sick: If your child is sick please send in a note with your child when they have recovered to the teacher. Children from 2nd-6th will have a new homework diary and there are perforated strips at the back for the notes.

Sport: Cross country and Hurling /Camoige training will take place every morning before school from Monday. Children should wear football boots and have their own hurl and helmet. The county cross country finals are taking part at the end of the month.

Communication: Our website continues to be a one stop shop for all your information on the school. It regularly gets over 500 hits in a day. We also have a twitter account which will give you notifications on new events. We regularly send out texts to remind people of events. Bernie our fantastic secretary is of course willing to answer any questions and my door is of course always open for suggestions on how to make our school an even better school than it already is.


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