November Newsletter

Welcome everyone back from their well-deserved break at Halloween. It has been a hectic but fun start to the year and there is more madness to come.

New Staff: Mr. McLoughlin is the new 4th class teacher and is replacing Ms. McAteer who is currently now on maternity leave. We wish her well and look forward to seeing her back in the new year.

Parent teacher meetings: These will take place on Thursday the 15th of November from 1.00-5.00pm. These take place in the hall. I would ask you to keep this meeting brief and if you wish to speak to the teacher at a later date about something in more detail a further meeting should be arranged.

School Development: As you can see, a lot of work has been ongoing in the school grounds. We have the track completed and the field ready to be sown out in the spring. We are having the bottom carpark/senior yard and the top/junior yard tarmacked on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Thank you again for your support and patience while this is taking place.

We, the school, the Board of Management, the Parents and the children would like to thank the McDaid family, who without their help, we would not have been able to achieve so many things for the amount of money we could spend.

A big thank you must go to Shane McBrearty, who surveyed the land and gave a huge amount of his time to this project.

To Liam McKinney who gave his expertise to the materials needed to build up the pitch.

To Charlie Doherty, who worked tirelessly giving advice, sourcing materials, and liaising with the developers.

To the Callaghan family who donated diesel to the machinery.

Also a massive thank you must go to the Parents Association who over the years have fundraised tirelessly with cake sales, discos, lip sync, church gate collections and much, much more. This is the fruits of your labour so again thank you.

To the parents who donate through the donation envelopes every month. A big thank you.

To the Board of Management, headed by our chairperson, Liam Gallagher. who had the vision and trust to go ahead with such a project and affect change for generations to come.

Donation envelopes: These will be going out on the 15th of the November. These funds are used directly to make the school a better place for your child in the school. Please donate what you can this month. We have been asked by the parent’s association to set up a direct debit for parents instead of donation envelopes. Please contact the office if you wish to use this method.

Carol Service: This will take place on Tuesday the 18th of December at 6pm in Burt Chapel.

Panto: This year the children will be going to the Pantomime in the Waterside theatre to see Cinderella. This will take place on the 13th of December. We are asking for €5 to help cover costs.

Sickness in school: If you wish your child to stay in at lunchtime they must have an accompanying note in the morning. Children should only be inside if they have an on-going medical condition. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Pick up/Collection: If you wish to change the arrangement for your child to go home, like to a friends house, Please let the school know in a note for the teacher. The bus company has informed us that children can only go home on their designated bus.

Active Flag: The children have started to run a K a day. We have active lines in the morning and the sixth class children are showing different yard games to children every Friday at lunchtime. We must be the fittest school in the country at this stage!!!

Uniform and healthy eating: Please ensure your child has the correct uniform and lunch. If this is not the case a standard note will be sent home. If you could sign this and return to the office on the next school day.

No Nits, No Nuts!!: Please check your child’s hair as we have had a number of outbreaks in the school. A reminder that we are a no nuts school. We have enough of them already with the teachers in the school.

Halloween Disco: Reports from the parent’s association were saying that it was the best disco ever. The children were all very well behaved and had a great time. Baby shark was a massive hit!!!

My door is always open,


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