September Newsletter 2019

Welcome back to all the boys and girls of St. Aengus N.S.. Summer flew by and we decided to skip autumn and go straight into winter with the weather this morning. A massive welcome to our new junior infant children and their very nervous parents. We are ready for the new year full of optimism and hope.

School closed: The school is closed on Monday the 14th of October to facilitate a teacher in-service on the new Primary Language Curriculum. This date has been given to us by the Department

Coats: Please ensure your child has a waterproof coat. The children will be outside as much as possible during this unsettled weather.

Summer works: A lot of work done and more to do. The school has transformed over the last number of years to make St. Aengus N.S. the most child friendly, safe, fun place for the children. Over the summer we have put railings running all down behind the buses and down along by the car park. The school has been painted white and areas under the windows cemented. We intend to put splashes of colour on the walls which will brighten it up but we will allow the children to decide that. The pitch has been sanded and seeded. Unfortunately, it will not be ready for use until early next year at the earliest. Thanks to Charlie Doherty, our caretaker Danny and our grass man, Colm Grant who have the place looking great for the return of the children.

Car parking: There is a gap half way down the car park to allow the children safe access to track in the morning so please use the car parking spaces closest to the pitch first. There should be no parking on the road in the morning or evening.

Parent Association: With all the work that has been done the funds have now run dry so please support all efforts made by the P.A. to raise much needed money for the school.

School lunches: Forms are gone home in bags and should be filled in as soon as possible. For changes please email School lunch menu can be found on the website.

Library/Cake sales: One Friday of every month we will have a cake sale/ Bric brac sale for the children. We will start with the sixth class and work our way down through the classes. We are asking people to donate any old books or toys for resale and the money raised will be used to help fund a new library in the school. A text message will be sent a week before your child’s cake sale to help you get ready.

School uniform: All information on the uniform can be found on the website. Please remember to label all your child’s jumpers coats etc. Leggings and branded tracksuit bottoms are not allowed. Children may wear black plain runners.

Absenteeism: If your child is ill, please provide a note with a reason for the absence when they return back to school. A phone call is not sufficient as the school require a written note from a parent/guardian.

Late arrivals: School starts at 9.20. Leaving a child late to school can create a bad habit for the child later on in life and it can also cause stress for the child walking in as they know that they get some negative attention first thing in the morning.

Paper newsletter: If you wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter every month please let Bernie know in the office and one will be provided for your family.

My door is always open to any helpful comments and suggestion on how to make our school an even better one,


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