Sixth class gave our assembly last Friday and told us all about the upcoming general elections and more importantly the student council elections which will be taking place this week in the school. Here is a transcript of the assembly.

  • Tráthnóna maith agus failte chuig tionól rang a sé.
  • Tosaigh muid le paidir.

In ainm an Athair agus an mhic agus an spiorad naomh amen.

  • Today we are going to talk to you a little about elections.
  • As you may be aware there is a general election taking place throughout the entire country on Saturday February 8th.
  • A general election is when the people of a country get to choose who they want to represent them in government.
  • The political party with the most number of TD’s after the election forms the government.
  • Elections give the people a say in how the country is run.
  • However, as many of you already know there is a much more important election taking place next week.
  • Yes, next Friday the 7th of February you will have the chance to vote for your very own student council.
  • Each of the pupils from 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th class will receive a polling card.
  • A polling card makes you eligible to vote, lets you know where you can vote and what time you can vote.
  • A polling station is where everyone goes to vote and our polling station will be here in the school hall.
  • When you enter the hall the Presiding Officer will be there and he or she will take your polling card and give you your Ballot Paper.
  • The ballot paper will contain a list of candidates who have put their names forward for election.
  • To vote for a candidate you place a number next to their picture.
  • Number 1 for the person you’d most like to be in the Student Council, 2 for the second and 3 for the 3rd in each class.
  • You can only vote once during any election.
  • Throughout the next week the candidates will be visiting you class to deliver their manifesto, which is their intentions should they be elected.
  • They will be campaigning which means they will be advertising what they intend to bring to the student council.
  • We encourage you firstly to use your vote.
  • And secondly to vote for the people who you believe will make the school a better place for you.
  • Go raibh mile maith agaibh.


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