On Thursday we will be sending all remaining workbooks home to the children. On Monday of every week we will be setting out what could be done. This is to give a bit of structure to families who wish to do this. Please this is only advisory and if you prefer not to do the work that is fine.

The school will be open from 10am – 12pm to pick up the workbooks on Thursday 26th.

Please enter the school through the bottom car park gate and drive up to your child’s classroom on the top yard.

No one should get out of their cars.

Your child’s books will be placed in the boot of your car.

Please adhere to the timetable. Please come at the correct time.

Families with more than one child should go to their eldest child’s class. We will have all the books together in the eldest child’s class.

6th class @10am

5th class @10.25

4th class @10.50

3rd class @11.10

2nd class @11.25

1st class @ 11.40

Senior infants and junior infants@11.50

If you cannot come and do not wish to pick up the workbooks that is fine.

If you cannot come and wish for someone to pick up your child’s books that is fine also.

We will not be available to talk to anyone and all communication can be done through email on aengusns@gmail.com.

All information will be on the website.

Stay safe everyone and mind yourselves,


Between now and Monday you could try and sign yourself up for the free online books available through the various book companies, Folens, education company etc.


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