• Here is some work you can do with your child on Friday. The website will be updated every Monday with work for the week.

These are suggestions to structure your day.

Junior infants

Revise jolly phonics letters

Formation of letters and songs

Revise numbers 1-5,  their formation and making sets of 1-5 (make use of the small planet maths book)

Senior infants

Reading: Choose a book from folder

Phonics: Revise sounds learned so far in homework copy

Handwriting: small book pg 18 /n/

Planet Maths:  small book pg 22; the number 8

First class
Mental maths: Friday review

Planet maths :page 108

Handwriting: page 36

Reading: continue reading books sent home or log onto getepic.com ( class code is czq7697)

Second class

Reading: Continue reading your novel or log into your account on getepic.com to read assigned books. (Class code is psc4546)

Maths: Tables Champion pg 15 (check up 1) complete Friday review in your Mental Maths

Handwriting: page 38

Third class

Reading- own books or accounts on GetEpic.com. (class code is YNB3561)

Math – last 2 week’s Friday review

Tables champion

Tables practise on topmarks.co.uk

Handwriting- continue on half a page

Fourth class

Mathemagic Shadow Book 4: Page 17

Continue with Handwriting

Table Champions

Mental Maths: Friday review & problem solving

Log onto www.getepic.com & use children’s account to read a book or comic of their choice. The class code for epic is bdc9927.

Click to access Bua-na-Cainte-4-Optimised-3.pdf

Fifth class

  • Mental Math-Friday Review
  • Busy at Math p. 135
  • Bua na Cainte p.114


  • Handwriting
  • Reading-Book of choice, Epic is available during school hours

Sixth class

(Seesaw can be used)

Hand writing

Maths Busy at maths pg 135 FDP3

Mental maths


Reading (book of their choice)

Irish: Write a small paragraph on today’s News ‘An Nuacht’

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