Junior infants

Reading: The Lost Ball

Reading zone activity book pages 18-21

Jolly phonics: letter w. Use cd or you tube for songs. Talk about things beginning with w

Sounds make words page 63

Ready steady write book A ( big & small books) letter w formation

Gaeilge: Bua Na cainte: ÉADAÍ: revise all lessons and games on this topic (bua na cainte is free for parents online)

Maths: number 6 booklet. Order 1-6 / 6-1. Make sets up to 6 , use pasta/ pegs…

Weight: compare light and heavy. Planet maths pages 98 & 99

SESE: signs of spring ( talk about changes from winter to spring, trees, weather, new life, time change… Draw a spring picture and write 1 or 2 sentences,  eg; I can see a tree. I can see a lamb….

SPHE ; topic 5: Strangers. Read Maria’s Story and complete worksheet 11. Stranger danger songs and videos can be found on you tube.

Best wishes


capacity. Pages 104-106  Mental maths pg 107

There are some online games related to each maths topic on www.folensonline.ie

Choose from a variety of maths games on www.topmarks.co.uk

Gaeilge: Bua na Cainte- Cáisc lch 93

The following links include yoga, cartoons and games through Irish.




SESE: What a Wonderful World –Habitats

Children can explore their gardens and identify any plants and animals that live there.

Draw and record the different plants and animals that live in your local area. Page 44

Draw and write about suitable habitats for the animals on page 45.

Art: Draw or paint  a picture of some spring flowers in your garden.

2nd class

Please register with folensonline.ie to access resources.Click on teacher , fill in information and For Roll no. Use Prim20.

Reading: English: Continue reading your novel or log into your getepic account and continue reading. Irish: Am Don Leamh pg 22 An Socas. Read and discuss story and complete exercises orally. The book can be accessed on www.folensonline.ie and searching ‘Am Don Leamh 2’

Maths: Complete your ‘Mental Maths’ daily. Tables Champion pg 29- Put on your timers and record how long it takes you to each column.

Planet Maths 2: Algebra pg 25-27. Practise your skip counting songs. (2,3,4,5,6,10)


English: The following programmes can be accessed through the website folensonline.ie and searching ‘Starlight 2nd class’. Poster 12: Extreme Environments. Discuss what you can see on the poster. Listen to the story/flyers. Label  the poster, answer the questions and complete the activity. Read ‘The Sahara Desert ‘. Answer questions on pg 31. Write down your answers for part A(if you wish) and complete B and C orally. (Don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and cursive handwriting.)

Irish: Watch some cartoons in Irish such as Horrid Henry or Spongebob Square Pants J https://www.cula4.com/en/

Handwriting pg 39

SESE: The water cycle. Watch the following video on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncORPosDrjI Listen to the water cycle song and make up your own actions to remember the song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWb4KlM2vts Draw a picture of the water cycle. You may also like to do the following experiment to watch how the water cycle happens. (all you need is a plastic bottle ) https://www.adabofgluewilldo.com/water-cycle-bottle-science-experiment/

I have also assigned books about water/the water cycle to you on getepic.

SPHE: Discuss the importance of water safety. You can access the website PAWS  for videos and games about water safety http://paws.edco.ie/first-and-second-classes/

Art: Design a water safety poster-use lots of colours and illustrations.

3rd Class

Please register with folensonline.ie to access resources. Click on teacher, fill in information and For Roll no. Use Prim20.

Mathemagic ebook available for free also at cjfallon.ie


Reading: Continue reading daily – read books sent home and log onto getepic.com where books have been assigned to your child. (class code: YNB3561 – DURING SCHOOL HOURS ONLY )

Reading Zone 3: Unit 21 – The Dreamer –  ebook on folensonline. Read and complete parts A – G over the course of the week.

Oral: Starlight 3: interactive Poster 12 folensonline: Fantastic Creatures. Explore the poster, answer the questions orally, discuss. Listen to the poem ‘A Dragun in the Classroom’. Read this poem with expression. Discuss the features of the dragon.

Handwriting: Ready, Steady, Write- half a page each day

Maths :

Mathemagic 3 ebook online

Chapter 22 and 23 pgs 107-110 multiply and divide in groups of 7.

Revise 7 times tables on topmarks.co.uk

Tables champion and mental math each day. Friday review.


Abair Liom E – ebook on folensonline.

Use resources section first before opening ebook to become familiar with new words.

Póstaer 9 + Comhrá 9 – An t-ionad siopadóireachta – listen to stories here, play vocab games, answer questions orally in interactive section

Proceed to ebook of Abair Liom E – pgs 74, 75, 76

https://www.rte.ie/player/series/is-mise/TG4_061792?epguid=061799 watch some of these episodes for fun while listening to these children speak i ngaeilge


History Quest ebook: cjfallon.ie

Ch 3 – Christopher Columbus – Explorers

Answer questions at end of chapter

Link with art and English by making tea stained paper and writing diary entries on what it might have been like onboard the Nina, Pinta, or Sancta Maria on the way to the new world.

STEM to link exploration:

Try some floating and sinking activities with recycled materials. Can you construct a vessel that would be sea worthy while carrying a load? Would a sail help? What about a rudder? Can you fashion something to calculate the depth of the water? Make a compass to tell which direction you are travelling?


Why not try some tin foil Easter art?

4th class:






5th class

Be creative and try some Easter Art of you choice


Reading Zone Unit 23 Call of the Sea-Read, Activity A and Dictionary Work

Spellbound Unit 22 Ex. A+B

Bua na Cainte p.123 https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Optimised-3.pdf

Mental Math Week 26

Busy at Math p. 136-139



Reading Zone Unit 23 Call of the Sea- Activites B and C

Spellbound Unit 22 Ex. C+D

Bua na Cainte p.124 https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Optimised-3.pdf

Mental Math Week 26

Busy at Math p. 137

Reading 4 pages of class novel


Reading Zone Unit 23 Call of the Sea- Activities D and E

Spellbound Unit 22 Ex. E+F

Bua na Cainte p.126 https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Optimised-3.pdf

Mental Math Week 26

Busy at Math p. 138  no. 1-6

Reading 4 pages of class novel


Reading Zone Unit 23 Call of the Sea Ex. G

Spellbound Unit 22 Ex. G+H

Bua na Cainte p.127 https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Optimised-3.pdf

Mental Math Week 26

Busy at Math p. 138 no. 7-11

Reading 4 pages of class novel


SESE Chapter 9 World War 1 https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/index/1413/75

Spelling-Test yourself or have someone call them out to you!

Reading 4 pages of class novel

Mental Math Week 26

Busy at Math p. 139  Tutorial to help http://data.cjfallon.ie/resources/20707/BAM5_Tutorial_082/lessons/BAM5_Tutorial_082/index.html

Am don Léamh p. 50/51 https://www.folensonline.ie/home/library/programmes/amdonleamh-5/ebook/

6th class

All work can be accessed and submitted through Seesaw if you wish.
The following work is for the week beginning 30/3/20

Mental Maths Unit 26

Busy at Maths Chapter 29

Am Don Leamh (accessible through seesaw)

Reading Zone unit 24 (available on the folens  website) https://www.folensonline.ie/registration/?r=t (Roll Number: PRIM20)

Spellbound unit 26

Art: Easter Art of your choice

Research Saints name and say why you chose it.

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