I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. Here are some of the suggestions you can do during the day. We are acutely aware of the difficulties children and families are undergoing during this time. Use what feel benefits you and your child. We will be setting challenges for the children. Feel free to join in or not. Remember mind your mental health and stay safe,


Junior infants

Reading: The Lost Ball ( continue reading the story. Point out random words and ask your child to read them. Children often memorize stories that they’ve read frequently. Choose a page from your book and copy the sentences and maybe draw the picture.

Reading zone activity book pages 22-26

Jolly phonics: letter v. Use cd or you tube for songs. Talk about things beginning with v. Revise all other sounds that have been covered.

Sounds make words page 66 -68

SIGHT WORDS: continue with a few words per week ( or at a pace that suits your child).

Ready steady write book A ( big & small books) letter v formation

Gaeilge: Bua Na cainte: Bia: lessons 1-3 (bua na cainte is free for parents online)


(the padlet is designed for all children from junior infants to second class. You can dip in and out of what you wish to use)

Maths: number 7 . Order 1-7 / 7-1.  Help your child with the formation of 7. Talk about where 7 comes in the number line ( after 6 but before 8. What numbers are smaller than 7?) Use lego/pasta/pegs etc. to make sets of 7.

Write numbers 1-7, cut them out and make a number line.

Analysis of number planet maths pages 108-110

3d shapes: cube. Discuss the cube ( how many sides? How many edges?What shape is each side?) Find things around the home that are cube shape ( maybe set up a 3d shape table. Your child can make a label reading Cube with your help and place 3d items beside the label.


Senior infants

Please click on the the following Padlet link to access websites and games related to this week’s work if you wish. 


Reading: Choose from books in folder/Get epic account/Collins big cat readers; Sean the sheep E-book on Starfall; all about whales.

Sight words: Games available to play on Padlet, practice words learned so far, go on a sight word hunt in reading books.

Phonics: /ou/ sound- complete page in phonics copy; sounds makes words pgs 26/27 and 60 or sounds in action pgs 23 and 24; regular practice of sounds using flashcards on padlet.

Oral language: Sea creatures- listen to the story and complete activities linked to the poster.

Handwriting: the letter /h/ in big and small book

Maths: Spatial awareness Planet Maths big book 88-91;Planet Maths small book pg 23;complete maths activities on Padlet

Irish: Eadaí pgs 32- 35 Bua na Cainte workbook; poem is féidir liom; get active with déan damhsa liom.


(the padlet is designed for all children from junior infants to second class. You can dip in and out of what you wish to use)

Art: How to draw a bee with squiglet, encourage your child to write a few sentences about their picture when finished and read it aloud to you.


First class

I have created a Padlet with links to activities and websites for first class

Please click on the following link  https://padlet.com/cathy92/memxd0a3bmi6efdm


Reading: Continue reading daily – read books sent home or log onto getepic.com using the class code czq7697 (link on padlet)

Reading Zone: Two Little Frogs –Read A Day on the Farm and answer questions orally.  Unit 8 pg 32 (link on padlet)

Sounds Make Words 1st Class:  Listen to and say the ‘ee’ sound and read the words. (link on padlet)

Handwriting: pages 39 & 40

Keep a diary about your time at home. Draw pictures or take photos and write a couple sentences every week using cursive handwriting.

Gaeilge:  Bua na Cainte- Sa Bhaile  lch 63 – 65


(the padlet is designed for all children from junior infants to second class. You can dip in and out of what you wish to use)

Poem Aon, Dó , stories, games and activities available on padlet.

Maths: Complete New Wave Mental Maths daily. (games on padlet)

Planet Maths: Problem Solving & Place Value:   Page 109-111 (games on padlet)

SESE: What a Wonderful World –Animals and their babies Page 51 (powerpoint on padlet)

The children learned all about the signs of spring at school. They could go on a spring treasure hunt and record signs of spring in their garden or local area.


Second class

Activities and online games for second class can be found by clicking on the following link:


(the padlet is designed for all children from junior infants to second class. You can dip in and out of what you wish to use)

ReadingEnglish: Continue reading your novel or log into your getepic account and continue reading.

Maths: Complete your ‘Mental Maths’ daily. Tables Champion pg 17- Put on your timers and record how long it takes you to each column.

Planet Maths 2: Algebra pg 130,131. 

Irish: Irish poem ‘Froganna’ Games, stories and activities available on https://padlet.com/joanne71/54tewbydrwhywv68      

Handwriting pg 40

SESE: See Padlet linked above(life-cycle of a frog)

Art: See padlet linked above ‘How to Draw a Frog’


Third class

Activities and online games for Third Class can be found by copying and pasting the following link:


A Brief Overview:

Math: Ch 28 and 29. Continue with Mental Math/ Tables Champions

English: Handwriting, RZ – The Frightening Scarecrow Parts A-D. Starlight – Our Body.

Gaeilge: Siopadóireacht Abair Liom lth 84, 85, 86. Dán: Ag siopadóireacht. Cluichí online.

Art: Drawing a ship.

SESE: revise Christopher Columbus. Amelia Earhart Powerpoint on Padlet.



Fourth class

The following work is for the week beginning 20/4/20


  1. Continue with Table Champions daily: Monday –Thursday.
  2. Continue with Mental Maths daily.
  3. Practical Maths: Capacity: Line up a bowl, mug, glass, tablespoon, teaspoon, saucepan and egg cup. Put them in order from the least capacity to greatest capacity. Estimate and measure how many tablespoons are needed to fill a cup, how many eggcups are needed to fill the mug, how many mugs are needed to fill the saucepan etc.
  4. Capacity: Maths Shadow Book, pages 67 and 68.
  5. Check out topmarks.co.uk and www.mathsplayground.com for some games on capacity
  6. Revise 2 and 10 division tables.



1 .Reading Zone: Unit 26. Read the story and complete each unit.

2.A Way With Words 4: pages 44 and 45. https://wdn.ipublishcentral.com/cjfallon/viewinsidehtml/17124717487221

3.Continue with one page of handwriting.

4. getepic.com. Children can log into their accounts and read a book or comic of their choice.

5.Spellings: Revision ‘ae’ and ‘ee’ sounds: mountain, curtains, straight, holiday, break, safe, amaze, waste, chase, changed, vein, obey, weigh, furious, easiest, chimney, monkey, county, please, thieves.



  1. https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/ Complete a 10 minute daily work out ‘as Gaeilge.’



  1. Bua na Cainte: page 145: https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Optimised-3.pdf
  2. Bua na Cainte page 146: https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Optimised-3.pdf
  3. Am don léamh, page 40 and 41: https://www.folensonline.ie/home/library/programmes/amdonleamh-4/ebook/


Fifth class

Suggested Activities for week 20/04/20


Reading Zone Unit 24

Spellbound Unit 23

Novel 4 pages/day



Mental Math Week 27

At home check the capacity of various containers, use measuring jugs etc.

Pick some activities from Chapter 32 Capacity

This might help with p.172



Play some capacity games e.g. http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/capacity/index.html



Am don Léamh p. 52+53 https://www.folensonline.ie/home/library/programmes/amdonleamh-5/ebook/


Sixth class

All work can be accessed and submitted through Seesaw if you wish.
The following work is for the week beginning 20/4/20

Mental Maths Unit 27

Busy at Maths Chapter 30

Am Don Leamh (accessible through seesaw)

Reading Zone unit 25(available on the folens  website) https://www.folensonline.ie/registration/?r=t (Roll Number: PRIM20)

Spellbound unit 27

This post will be updated throughout the day and will be completed for Monday morning.

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