Weekly challenge: Growing a Rainbow

email pics to sinead@staengusbridgend.com).
Continue to be mindful, take time to focus on your breathing. This is a daily exercise to bring your thoughts back to the present moment. Continue to build on your positive thoughts.
Create a ‘I am bored jar’ with your family. Fill the jar with fun ideas to do for when you get bored. Some ideas could be, ‘read a book,’ ‘build with lego’ draw a rainbow,
Write a letter to your friend at school. Tell them about all the fun things you are doing with your family. remember to post it to their address. This will give them a nice surprise.
Act of kindness day. This day will stay the same every week. Helping at home is very important.
Help around the house. Say please and thank you. Be mindful of others, show gratitude. Draw a picture, water the plants, brush the floor or help make buns. It’s the little things that you will remember.
Friday : Send in photos

Homework for Parents😊
This week, before you close your eyes take 3mins to practice mindful breathing. Stay safe and stay mindful, after all the rain the rainbow will shine.

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