Junior infants

Hello to Junior infants. I hope you are all well and I am missing you all so much!!

READING: SPLASH! This book can be found on folens.ie
Choose a page from your book and copy the sentences and draw the picture.
Reading zone activity book pages 40-43

Jolly phonics: Revision of set 1: s a t i p n
Practice formation of these letters. Find things around your home beginning with these letters and make words, eg; it/ sat

Sounds make words page 78. Ensure all pages from 4-20 have been completed ( these pages cover s a t i p n sounds)

SIGHT WORDS: continue with a few words per week ( or at a pace that suits your child). Encourage your child to use the words learned when reading his/her own story books.

Ready steady write book A : big book: pages 16-17

GAEILGE: Bua Na cainte:
Revision of all BIA lessons
SIOPADÓIREACHT: Revision of lessons 1&2. Lesson 3

MONEY: Recognising 1c & 2c coins;
Planet Maths pages 122-123
Continue with the shop if you decided to set one up

3d shapes: Revision of cube, cuboid, cone, sphere.
Revision: patterns of two, eg: draw a line of circles and ask your child to make a pattern of 2 colours ( maybe red, blue, red, blue….)

SESE: Topic: Transport
Talk about the rocket. How it works. Is it fast or slow? How is it powered/ steered? Where does it travel?
https://youtu.be/9g0FehS0H1Ehttps://youtu.be/y-RfnvErSioRead story about a rocket
https://youtu.be/ko306WcHRnshttps://youtu.be/_3oQcKxE-ckMaybe a song about a rocket??
Take care


Senior infants:

Links to all this week’s resources can be found on Padlet. Please click on the following link: https://padlet.com/niamh22/wednc8pijqafb3zt

Reading: Continue to read over books in folder, log on to Get Epic account for additional readers or use the Collins Big Cat Readers; Read or listen to the interactive big book “all the Fun of the Fair” and make connections throughout; Sign up for a 30 day trial to Reading Eggs reading program.

Sight words: Play the games and watch the videos on Padlet. Can you write out as many as you remember from the games, maybe put some into sentences! Revise all the sight words in your homework folder, read through them as quickly as possible and remove any unknown words to practice.

Phonics: /ar/ sound, watch the videos, play the games and activities based on the /ar/ sound; then complete corresponding page in phonics copy; Sounds Make Words pgs 31, 32 and 66 or Sounds in Action pg 28 and 29; continue to revise sounds using online flashcards and listen to the Jolly Jingles on Padlet.

Oral Language: Revise the rhyme “Jack and Jill”. Maybe record yourself saying it and listen back! Don’t forget to add expression!

Writing: Handwriting: /x/ in big book and small book. Watch formation video on Padlet before writing. Why not write some sentences about a book you have read this week and draw a picture!

Maths: Measures; length pgs 105, 106 and 107(can use fingers/1c coins/small lego pieces instead of cubes to measure the length); Planet Maths small book pg 27; Complete the games and activities on Padlet before completing the work book.

Using hand spans or foot spans ask children to measure the length and width of a table, a bed, a room, a window, the hallway, the garden etc. Encourage children to estimate answers before measuring. Use language such as long, short, tall, longer than, shorter than, longest, shortest, wide, widest, narrow, narrowest, the same.

Gingerbread man cutting activity on Padlet

Number formation Revision: Write out numbers 1-10, if any of them are reversed watch the video on padlet to show good ways of remembering the correct formation.

Irish: Bua na Cainte- “An Teilifís” lessons 1, 2 and 3 , complete pg 41 and 42 from the workbook.

SESE: Science; Magnets – Watch the video and complete the sorting activity. If you have any magnets at home why don’t you place them on different objects and see if they attract or repel the magnet! Record results on the “is it magnetic” worksheet.

Art: Squiglet drawing- maybe write a few sentences about your picture or label the things you have drawn.

Why not try some of the challenges for this week.

niamh@staengusbridgend.com. Remember this work is just a guide, only do what you can.

Keep up the fantastic work everyone and stay safe!



First Class

Activities and online games are available by clicking the following link



Reading: Continue reading daily – read books sent home and log onto getepic.com

Handwriting: Ready, Steady, Write- pages 47&48

Free writing:  Continue writing a couple sentences in your diary every week.

If you wish you could write a report about Honey Bees.

Starlight: Reading- The Life Cycle of a Butterfly-(activities on padlet)

Sounds Make Words 1st Class:  Listen to and say the ‘ ou ’ sound. Read the words-(link on padlet)

Gaeilge:  Bua na Cainte- An Teilifís – Feicim le Mo Shúilín- lch 72 & 73


(The padlet is designed for all children from junior infants to second class. You can dip in and out of what you wish to use) Poems, stories, games and activities available on this padlet.

Maths:  Mental Maths: Complete New Wave Mental Maths daily.

Planet Maths:  Mental Maths P125

Kitchen P128&129

Addition and Subtraction P130&131

The online games related to these maths topics are available on my padlet.

SESE: What a Wonderful World – Dandelions P61

Learn about butterflies and honey bees (video links available on padlet)

Listen to the story- Ten Magic Butterflies (link on padlet)

Art: Butterflies-(link on padlet)

Take care,




2nd class

Activities and online games for second class can be found by clicking on the following link: https://padlet.com/joanne71/duca9o3dyq4el3g5

ReadingEnglish: Continue reading your novel or log into your getepic account and continue reading.


Writing: Complete a book report about your favourite book.

Spellings: The spelling list is on the padlet

Oral Language: Click on the link in the padlet and listen to the poster called “Adventures with Authors”. Label and answer the questions that follow with a sibling or a parent.

Maths: Complete your ‘Mental Maths’ daily.

Tables Champion pg 19 – Put on your timers and record how long it takes you to each column daily.

Planet Maths 2: Data  pg 147 A & B, pg 148 A & B

Irish: Reading Continue to play games, listen to the stories and do some dancing all linked on the padlet above. Read the story ‘Fógra Beag’ and answer the questions that follow.

Handwriting pg 44

S.E.S.E: Read the story about “Cú Chulainn-How Setanta got his name?” and then watch the video. Once you have read it thoroughly-pick out the most important parts (one from the start, two from the middle and one from the end of the story) and draw a picture of each part. If you wish you can write a sentence under each picture-remember the pictures should be in the correct order.

Keep up all the hard work boys and girls.

Take care,





More detailed descriptions, activities and online games for Third Class can be found by clicking the following link:


Remember, pick and choose and dip in and out of this work. It does not have to be done. It is just a guide. You will not fall behind if you are unable to do the work! Just do your best and most importantly, stay safe!

A Brief Overview:

Math: Ch 27  – Look Back. Continue with Mental Math/ Tables Champions

English: Handwriting, Reading Zone – The Frog Prince Parts A-E.. Starlight oral language– My Favourite Entertainment. Persuasive writing based on this. Spellings on padlet.

Gaeilge: Several short stories on powerpoint with questions on padlet. Games and videos there too.

Ms O Donnell has made a separate padlet with many more activities – check it out! https://padlet.com/joanne71/54tewbydrwhywv68

Art: Making a bird feeder

SESE: plants and habitats

PE Mr Kelly’s challenge – ball kicking and catching


Please email me if there are any issues or queries.

Hoping everyone is well.

Kind regards,

Ms Connaughton



4th class

Activities and links for the week can be found in the padlet:



  1. Next week of table Champions Monday –Thursday.
  2. Continue with Mental Maths daily.
  3. 3 D Shapes. Mathemagic 4: Chapter 30
  4. 3-D Shapes: Mathemagic Shadow Book pages 55 and 56
  5. Check out the padlet for some games on 3-D Shapes..
  6. Revise 12 times tables.


  1. Reading Zone: Unit 30 Read the story and complete A – F.
  2. A Way With Words 4: pages 52 and 53: https://wdn.ipublishcentral.com/cjfallon/viewinsidehtml/17124717487221
  3. Continue with one page of handwriting (if applicable)
  4. getepic.comChildren can log into their accounts and read a book or comic of their choice.
  5. Summer acrostic or sensory poem.
  6. Spellings: Revision of the phoneme ‘oe’

goal, boat, boasted, own, snow, grow, elbow, narrow, widow, four, fourteen, boulder, shoulder, dough, though, owe, door, floor, brooch, sew.


  1. Bua na Cainte: page 157 – 160:


  1. Bua na Cainte: Leabhar litrithe: Pages 44 and 45: https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Leabhar-Litrithe.pdf
  2. Complete a 10 minute daily work out ‘as Gaeilge.’ https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/


  1. History Quest 4: Chapter 13 The Sioux People of North America. https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/1414/1
  2. Science Quest 4: Chapter 4. Make a parachute:  https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/1401/1-+


  1. Make, draw, paint or colour a mask of the Sioux people.
  2. Dance challenge: Dance to ‘Roar’ on www.gonoodle.com.  https://app.gonoodle.com/activities/roar

laura@staengusbridgend.com. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns. You are all doing great! Keep up the brilliant work. Take care, Laura.



5th Class

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well.

Suggested Activities for week 18/05/20

Check out Katerina’s Challenges, absolutely fantastic, well done Katerina.

Padlet https://padlet.com/nicolemcateer/sfuonjivhydlzzpn with links to some websites and games.



Reading Zone Unit 28

Spellbound Unit 27

If you have been enjoying writing letters to friends and family, keep this up!

Write a Summer poem (acrostic, sensory, haiku etc.) links in padlet. I hope this week brings some nice weather to help with some ideas! It would be lovely to see some if you would like to share!

Novel 4 pages/day. Keep this going if you have not already finished your novel. If you are finished keep up the great work, read some books you have at home or check out books online e.g. Get epic



Mental Math Week 31

REVISION Pick some activities from Mathemagic Chapter 5 Multiplication (available online from CJ Fallon)

I have linked a tutorial in the padlet to remind you of the steps in long multiplication if needed.


Activities from Twinkl linked in Padlet



Am don Léamh (Available on the Folens Website)

p. 54, 55 An Pota Cré



The Aztecs

Unlocking SESE Ch.6 (Folens Website)

Art activities linked padlet


If you have any questions at all please email me, nicole@staengusbridgend.com.

Take care,

Mrs McAteer


6th class

The following is work which you can complete throughout the week

Maths: Chapter 34 Chance

Mental Maths: Unit 31

Spellbound Unit 31

Reading Zone Unit 29


Am Don Leamh (available on seesaw)

Art Create an ‘Anti Cyber bullying’ Poster (Compulsory, post on Seesaw)

SPHE Cyberbullying, available on seesaw (Compulsory,post on Seesaw)

PE Kick and Catch Challenge

Ms Monnaghans Book Challenge

Hoodies:  I will be placing the order on Monday 18th May at 11am please ensure you have responded with your choice of colour and size. Thank you.

Stay safe



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