Well by now we have spent lots of time on our breathing exercises and developing a healthy positive attitude. This week we will continue to work on maintaining a positive mind and healthy body. Remember to have fun.

Get Up, Get Active, Eat Healthy and Stay Positive

All children will be familiar with ‘Food Dudes’

Food Dudes has proven itself as an effective evidence-based school-based healthy eating programme.

Schools might be temporarily closed but they are bringing their Food Dudes fun to your home!

Food Dudes Fun at Home

Here you will find some healthy recipes for the whole family to enjoy.


This is a great story to lend into a food tasting day. Close your eyes. be mindful on how food feels and tastes. Try something new. Be proud if you taste something for the first time, even if you don’t like it.

“Becoming aware of sensations in the body is a fundamental step in increasing mindful awareness. Mindful movement helps us deepen the connection between our brain and our body. Have a go at these activities to strengthen the relationship between your brain and your body by really focusing on how your body feels and moves during each of these activities” mindup.org.uk

These are simple activities to strengthen the body and mind. Stay mindful about how the body feels during each activity. Allow children time to become aware of how different parts of their body feels during exercise or relaxing.

Call and Response Clap or tap a rhythm and get the children to copy it back to you. Try out different rhythms and patterns. Use different parts of your body, like your feet or patting your knee, making the children aware of the different parts of their body.

Follow the Leader Start clapping, tapping or doing a continuous movement with your hands, for example waving or patting your head. Get the children to copy what you are doing

Remember ,Get Up, Get Active, Eat Healthy and Stay Positive

A healthy body helps to maintain a healthy mind.



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