The whole county is talking about the school. Keep the pictures flying in. Great to see all the active children in the community. We’ll be the fittest, coolest, most intelligent and funniest children in the world when we get back to school.

Here’s a selection of our fitness fanatics.

Enya is going for lovely walks and keeping active on her bike. Well done!

Ella is getting some practice on the monkey bars for our new playground in school.

Lacie is treating everyone in her house to an Irish dancing routine. Keep moving Lacie. Well done.

Sinea is being her usual bundle of joy. Keep moving and keep smiling!

Noah is feeling very happy and having fun keeping fit this week.

Alesha and Jordan are making the teachers challenges look easy. They aren’t believe me. Well done guys. Keep it up.

The Breslin (Emma and Katie) sisters are discovering new caves. Hopefully they’ll find their way out.

Mia-Rose and Olivia on a walk to Grianan of Aileach. They whole family are hiking mad. What a view!  How lucky are we?

The super fit Callaghans are out cycling the roads. Always smiling Clodagh and Oisín. Keep it up

The crazy Doherty family are at it again. Keep smiling and stay active. Yoga and the trampoline are on today’s menu.

Ciarán & Niamh just loved the videos from the teachers & the sport celebraties. They are busy exercising every day.
Here is a picture of Ciarán in the garden, he is busy practicing his soccer & Gaelic skills, he said he wants to challenge Seamus Coleman & Michael Murphy to a match at school after the Covid pandemic.
Here is another picture of Niamh & Ciarán with our dog Messi on our daily walking route.

Amelia Rose and Annabel had great fun creating their own Sport’s Day at home. The two girls were very happy winning medals.

The Breslin girls have also been keeping active doing yoga, online ballet classes and gymnastics in the garden.

The Mulherns daily walk – today 6km to Bridgend and back.
The Mulhern girls doing the cosmic kids yoga this morning.
Shay “Jordan” Doherty shooting some hoops out the back keeping active.

Caoimhín is cutting the grass and getting the track ready for his home sports day.


The Bradley brothers who just happen to support the best soccer team in England are getting busy with paper mache.

Enya is loving the lockdown and is flying around her garden

Darragh from fourth class has just completed an 8k cycle. What a hero!

Sonya and Alicia have their eyes on the badminton prize. Keep on moving girls!

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