Junior infants

Hello to Junior infants. I hope you are all well and I am missing you loads.

READING: SPLASH! This book can be found on folensonline.ie
Revision of THE LOST BALL

Reading zone activity book pages 48-51

Jolly phonics: Revision of set 1: g o u l f b
Practice formation of these letters. Find things around your home beginning with these letters.

Sounds make words: Ensure all pages from 39-56 have been completed ( these pages cover g o u l f b sounds, with ll and ff)

SIGHT WORDS: continue with a few words per week ( or at a pace that suits your child). Encourage your child to use the words learned when reading his/her own story books.

Ready steady write book A : big book: pages 44 & 45

GAEILGE: Bua Na cainte:
Revision of all ÉADAÍ lessons 1&2
SIOPADÓIREACHT: Revision of lessons 1 2 3 & 4

MONEY: Recognising 1c 2c & 5c coins and applying problem solving:
Planet Maths pages 126-127. There are 4 sections within these 2 pages. Take one section at a time as they can be confusing ( maybe use real coins to help). Make 2c 3c 4c & 5c using 1c 2c coins.
(Continue with the shop if you decided to set one up).

Signs of summer

Read story about summer
Maybe a song about summer??
Please email your work so I can put it up on our school website:
Take care
Stay safe


Senior infants

Links to all this week’s resources can be found on Padlet. Please click the following link: https://padlet.com/niamh22/wednc8pijqafb3zt

Reading: Continue to read books in folder, log on to Get Epic account for additional readers or use the Collins Big Cat Readers

Sight words: flash reading of words in folder, read through them as fast as you can, remove any unknown words to practice further. Play the interactive and roll the dice sight word games on Padlet.

Phonics: /air/ sound, watch the videos, play the games and activities. Sounds Make Words pgs 35, 36 and 72 or Sounds in Action pg 32 and 33; revision of the sounds and words from phonics homework copy.

Oral Language: Revision of rhyme “Little Miss Muffet”

Writing: Handwriting: /f/ in big book and small book. Watch formation video on Padlet before writing.

Maths: Measures; Money pgs 111, 112, 113 and 114 in big book and pg 29 in small book; Always complete the games and activities on Padlet before completing the work book.

Create your own shop at home. Put prices on each item 10c or under. Using real or fake money(see printable on padlet) pretend to buy items from the shop. Select the appropriate coins, will you need change back? Ask questions ; what costs the most/least amount of money; how much is that? How much will those two items cost together? How much change will I get? Etc.

Irish: Bua na Cainte- “An Teilifís” lessons 7, 8, 9 and 10 , complete pg 44, 45 and 46 from the workbook.

SESE: Summer. Watch and listen to the daisy and bee stories. (2 videos on link) Draw a picture of a bee in your art copy and write out some facts you learned from the video. Why not make a daisy chain, bracelet or crown using daises from your garden!

PE: try out a new activity from the Active Week Padlet

Why not try some of the amazing challenges for this week.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me on niamh@staengusbridgend.com. Remember this work is just a guide, only do what you can.

Keep up the fantastic work boys and girls, you are all doing brilliantly!

Take care,



First Class

Activities and online games are available by clicking the following link



Reading: Continue reading daily – read books sent home and log onto getepic.com

Handwriting: Ready, Steady, Write- pages 51 & 52

Free writing:  Continue writing a couple sentences in your diary every week.

Starlight: Reading- Noises in the Night -(activities on padlet)

Sounds Make Words 1st Class:  Listen to and say the ‘aw ’ sound. Read the words-(link on padlet)

Gaeilge:  Bua na Cainte- Ag Siopadóireacht – Bí ag Léamh lch 76  &  Bí ag Scríobh lch 77 & 78


(The padlet is designed for all children from junior infants to second class. You can dip in and out of what you wish to use) Poems, stories, games and activities available on this padlet.

Maths:  Complete New Wave Mental Maths daily.

Planet Maths:  Time  P135 & 136

Mental Maths 8 P143

Subtraction  P148

The online games related to these maths topics are available on my padlet.

SESE: What a Wonderful World – Read the story Oisín in Tír na nÓg P66

Examine what seeds are inside different fruits and enjoy eating the fruit after. Fruits and seeds P 64

Art: Camping art ideas-(link on padlet)

Take care,




2nd class

Activities and online games for second class can be found by clicking on the following link: https://padlet.com/joanne71/eq7iblfv0552r6hc

ReadingEnglish: Continue reading your novel or log into your getepic account and continue reading.


Reading: Read all about Sammy Seagull and his advice for staying safe in the Summer (He looks at some of the topics we have already covered such as sun and water safety)

Oral language: Discussion about Summer (see downloadable picture/questions as guide)

Writing: Write down all your hopes for the Summer holidays!

Spellings: The spelling list is on the padlet

Maths: Complete your ‘Mental Maths’ daily.

Tables Champion pg 20 &26 – Put on your timers and record how long it takes you to each column daily.

Planet Maths 2 pages 125 (Mental Maths 7) and colour by number page 160

Irish: Reading Continue to play games, listen to the stories and do some dancing all linked on the padlet above. Read the story ‘An Siopa Spóirt and answer the questions that follow.

Handwriting pg 46

S.E.S.E: What changes in Summer? Read and answer the questions to the comprehension. Design your own safety posters.

Challenge yourselves: See the padlet.

Any queries or questions please contact me on joanne@staengusbridgend.com

Take care,



More detailed descriptions, activities and online games for Third Class can be found by clicking the following link:


Remember, pick and choose and dip in and out of this work. It does not have to be done. It is just a guide. You will not fall behind if you are unable to do the work! Just do your best and most importantly, stay safe!

A Brief Overview:

Math: Powerpoint on Decimals revision on padlet.  (only tenths) Continue with Mental Math/ Tables Champions

English: Handwriting 2 pages a week. Powerpoint with reading based on Hurricanes and grammar based on compound words on padlet. New Novel: Danny the Champion of the World. Listen to teacher read a new chapter each day. Related activities based on this. Spellings on padlet: revision of ‘ge’ and ‘dge’ sounds.

Gaeilge: Several short stories on powerpoint with questions on padlet. Listen and read story read by teacher.

Arts: Greek vases and Greek dance/ music

SESE: Three Greek myths and legends

PE Workout for the whole Family


Please email me if there are any issues or queries.

Leave a comment on the Padlet on how you are getting on or enjoying the activities!


Hoping everyone is well.

Kind regards,

Ms Connaughton



4th class

Activities and online games for 4th class can be found by clicking on the following link: https://padlet.com/lauramc25/rwjd71r5tmw0fp1x


Next week of table Champions Monday –Thursday (if applicable)

Continue with Mental Maths daily.

Mathemagic 4: Chapter 32: Money

Mathemagic Shadow Book pages 59 and 60.


A Way With Words 4: pages 56 and 57: https://wdn.ipublishcentral.com/cjfallon/viewinsidehtml/17124717487221

Reading comprehension based on the planets.

Spellings: Revision of the phoneme ‘sh’ should, shy, finish, finished, rush, rushed, shower, chef, Charlotte, machine, chivalry, sachet, sure, sugar, measure, treasure, pleasure, issue, tissue, assured.


Bua na Cainte: page 164 – 166: https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Optimised-3.pdf

Bua na Cainte: Leabhar litrithe: Pages 50 and 51 : https://buanacainte.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Bua-na-Cainte-4-Leabhar-Litrithe.pdf

Complete a 10 minute daily work out ‘as Gaeilge.’ https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/


Geography Quest: Chapter 16: https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/1408/1


Make models or draw a picture of the planets.

I hope you are well and safe. If you have any queries, please contact me at laura@aengusbridgend.com.

Take care, Laura.


5th Class

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well.

Suggested Activities for week 08/06/20

Padlet https://padlet.com/nicolemcateer/sfuonjivhydlzzpn with links to some websites and games.



Reading Zone Unit 30

Spellbound Unit 29

I hope you all enjoyed active week. I’m sure you were all very excited to see those lovely messages from some sporting heroes. Imagine if you had the opportunity to interview your sporting hero, think about and write down the questions you would ask them. Activity sheet linked in the padlet or you could even create your own.

Reading- Books at home, epic, world book online




Mental Math Week 33

REVISION Data Pick some activities from Planet Math Topic 3 (available online from Folens)

Some activities in padlet

When asked to collect data from you class, you could perhaps survey some family members.



Am don Léamh p. 58, 59 (Available on the Folens Website)/Linked in padlet



Conservation- Lesson 16 Unlocking Science with Science Fusion (Available on Folens website)

Also see padlet


If you have any questions at all please email me, nicole@staengusbridgend.com.

Take care,

Mrs McAteer


6th class

The following are suggested activities for the week beginning 8/6/20

Maths (Revision) Chapter 9 Fractions Busy at Maths

Mental Maths Unit 34

Treasury F pages 10-13 Available on the Folens website & Seesaw

Am Don Leamh Revision pages 62-63(Available on Seesaw and the folens website)

Reading: Books at home or login to getepic.com


SESE: Earthlink Unit 38 Ireland around 1900 pages 84&85 ( Available on the Folens website and on seesaw)

Challenges on the website

Reminder that all activities are optional again this week.

If you require assistance with any of your work feel free to contact me through Seesaw or email


Stay safe,


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