Confirmation – Coineartú 2020

In relation to the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation (Coineartú) in St Mary’s Chapel, Cockhill in 2020, the following may be helpful:

  • Any child or family member who is due to be present at the ceremony and who has been out of the country during the past two weeks must inform the school or the parish office so that this factor can be carefully considered in relation to the ceremony.
  • The young people and the accompanying adults will be admitted to the Chapel in reverse alphabetical order so as to better ensure two-metre social distancing. Once shown to their designated seats by an usher, everyone must remain there until instructed otherwise.  For this reason, people should gather outside the chapel 30 minutes before the ceremony, observing two-metre social distancing.  Everyone must be in their designated seats 20 minutes before the ceremony.
  • Everyone must carefully sanitise their hands using the touchless dispenser.
  • It is hoped that a class photograph in the sanctuary of the chapel can be arranged before the ceremony. One appointed photographer will be present throughout the ceremony.  So as not to detract from the liturgy, and for social distancing reasons, no other person is permitted to take photographs.  Official photographs of the Confirmation will be available afterwards.
  • The young people will be seated from the front of the chapel backwards, each distanced from the young person beside them. The teacher who acts as the proxy sponsor will be seated at the front of the chapel.  The other teacher will be seated towards the rear of the seats where the young people are seated.
  • Approximately seven sets of parents/guardians will be seated in the ground-floor zone of the chapel; the remainder in the gallery. These seven will be picked from a hat.
  • The ceremony will be a simple but beautiful ceremony of Confirmation, expected to last 45-60mins. There will not be the celebration of Mass during the ceremony.  The ceremony will be beautified by music and song, by flowers and artistry.
  • The ceremony is outlined below:
    • Entrance Hymn
    • Introduction and developed Penitential Rite
    • Liturgy of the Word
    • Rite of Confirmation
      • The child will be guided towards the front of the altar
      • The teacher acting as proxy sponsor will announce the Confirmation name being taken from the sanctuary. This teacher will not place their hand on the child’s shoulder.
      • Fr Bradley will say: “Name, be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

The child replies Amen. (Anointing will take place using a fresh cotton bud for each candidate)

  • Fr Bradley: “Peace be with you.”
  • Child: “And with your spirit.”
  • The child will return to their seat via the side aisles.
  • Prayer of the Faithful
  • The Our Father
  • Concluding prayer and blessing
  • Receiving of Holy Communion as part of the dismissal from the chapel during the Recessional Hymn. Communion will be distributed at the exits from both zones in the chapel.
  • Presentation of sapling via sponsor outside the chapel (each sponsor standing at the designated place labelled alphabetically with the young person’s name). Sponsors must be in place 30 minutes after the ceremony begins.  Young people are asked to make their way without delay to their sponsor outside and then move to open space.  Everyone is asked not to congregate in groups especially near doorways etc.


  • Please note that whilst the young people are not bound to wear facemasks, it may be helpful if adults do. The teacher acting as proxy sponsor will be listed as such on any future Confirmation Certificate. The chosen sponsor’s name will also be listed as sponsor on the Certificate.

Father Francis Bradley PP

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