From now on the school lunches will go online and you can change your child’s lunch as often as you wish. In the next number of hours, you will receive a text with your user name and password for ACE lunches. If you wish to receive lunch for next Monday the registration and lunches picked for each individual child must be done by midnight on Friday. Please follow the instructions below. Once you have set this up once you have it done for their entire stay in primary school. The school lunch website works better on a desktop than a mobile device.

Introduction to ACE Lunches online

Our new school lunches website will allow your children’s menu choices to be more accessible. It allows changes to lunch options from home. Each parent is given a unique User ID and Password. You only need one account for your family. Please keep this ID and password safe, these details will remain for all of your family’s entire school cycle. Please use a Desktop or Laptop for quickest results, a mobile device can at times clash with our security and give user an error message.

How to Log-In and Order Lunches.

  • To log-in go to the website and enter the User ID and Password provided to you by your school.
  • Select the option “Manage Children”
  • Select the option “Create Profile”
  • Select your child’s teacher or class and enter your child/children’s name.
  • To order lunches select the Select Lunches option, then select the child you are ordering lunches for and complete the form. When completed please allow up to 7 days for the lunch changes to take place.



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