We are back a week and it feels like we never closed. I am really happy with how everything is running in the school. The children are responding and showing a great degree of maturity in following all the procedures and guidelines we have asked them to follow. They bounced in on the first day and have given the staff of St. Aengus N.S. a real boost and we thank them for that. We are rolling up our sleeves and getting on with school life and we ask you as parents to continue to follow the rules when dropping off and picking up as the safety of the children is paramount.

Mr. McAteer: We are delighted to have Mr. Ronan McAteer who recently joined the staff. He is our new fifth class teacher. He’s a keen hurler and musician so no doubt we’ll see talents on the field, the stage and the classroom.


Junior infants. A massive welcome to our new junior infant children and any new parents in the school. They have settled in so well and are ready to start a full school day next Monday at 9.20 and finish at 2.00.


Book returned: Unfortunately, we are still missing a big number of books that were handed out over the lockdown. Please make sure that the books come back to school as soon as possible. A lot of these books are sets and unless we have a book for each individual child we cannot use the set. Books unreturned will have to be paid for by the parent.


Morning drop offs: The gates for the school will not open until 9.05 at the earliest. Children will not be allowed onto the premises before then. It is advised that you leave your child to school between 9.10 and 9.15 as the children must just stand in line outside on the yard before going into school. On wet mornings, children will be able to go directly into their classroom but still must follow the same entry routes as normal.


Pick up: All adult must wear a mask at all times when on the school premises. Please stand outside your car when the children are approaching so they can see you. Please do not congregate in any groups and please disperse as quickly but safely as possible.


The sniffles: If your child has a runny nose and you deem your child to be fit for school you should send in your child with an accompanying note for the teacher. We are acutely aware in the school that the “sniffles” will happen on their return so send your child in we will manage that in the school. If you deem your child to be unwell and you are keeping them off, please do not ring into school in the morning. Please send a note in to their teacher on their return to school.


If your child has been told to isolate/ awaiting covid test/ awaiting results: You should not sent in your child or any of their siblings into school if you were asked to do any of these things. If you are asked to follow any GP advice, please do so without hesitation. If your child has been asked to go for a covid test please ring in and ask to speak to me the principal or Ms. Monaghan, the deputy principal. Please be discreet. The school does not need any hysteria about testing. If you have a positive test the HSE will contact the school directly and give advice to the school. Ring in yourself too.


Labels: Please label you child’s clothing. Any items of clothing not labelled will be recycled within one week.


Work done over the summer: The school has been a busy place over the summer. We have electrified all the gates, opened our new playing surface/pitch and are putting the finishing touches to the new playground. A big thank must go to Danny our caretaker and Colm Grant, our grassman.


Cycling: Next Monday the sixth class will be starting their cycle safety course in the school.


Uniforms: Please make sure that your child comes in everyday in a clean clothes. (whether that is uniform, tracksuit or non-uniform day.


There is a dedicated link to all the covid-19 resources on the front page of the website. Please continue to check the website for your information.


Thanks everyone for your support to the school over the last number of days and months. Remember this is new for everyone and we are learning as we go. I really feel that the children are happy to be back at school and delighted that a little bit of normality has been restored. The school is just a phone call away and while we cannot have face to face meeting anymore we still need to know from you how we can best support your child.


My door is always open (well in a new socially distant way),


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