We would ask people to time their school runs a little better if possible. The gates open in the morning at 9.04 and nobody should be parked outside the gates then. The gates open at 13.48 for the 2 O’Clock pick up and 2.45 for the 3 O’Clock pick up. We would ask you to refrain from queuing up outside the gates before these times. This build-up of cars leads to a narrowing of the road and this could lead to an accident. The pedestrian gates are opened automatically at 9.05, 13.50, and 2.50 and close shortly after.

The item was discussed at a BOM meeting and the decision to not open the gates earlier was made because of a number of factors:

  1. The school should remain a secure site at all times.
  2. The area is used for activities throughout the day.
  3. It was felt that this gave enough time for cars to enter safely into the car park.
  4. People, including children, should remain in their cars until the school children have arrived. This is not a time to socialise.
  5. When the children arrive you should stand outside your car until your child sees you. You should wear a mask when doing this. All parents/guardians should wear a mask when they are in the car park.
  6. This is not a time to be speaking to teachers. If you need to speak to a teacher please ring the school and make an appointment and a teacher will return your phone call.
  7. Please use the car park. There is enough space for all the cars. Do not park on the street. We intend to paint lines on the bottom section of the car park so cars can park closer together.

We are aware these guidelines don’t always suit people but we must under these very difficult circumstances follow them to keep all the children, staff, and parents as safe as possible. You being responsible for wearing the masks is providing great reassurance to our teachers in this stressful time.

If you wish to discuss any of these rules, please contact me directly and we can discuss them further. Please do so by ringing the office at a time that is convenient for you.

Stay safe,


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