March Newsletter

The first two weeks of the month flew by and the school is ready and waiting for the madness of the next week with the return of our 3rd to 6th classes. Spring lambs are what came to mind when you saw the children out on the field. Their enthusiasm to return gave a huge boost to the staff and we are all eager to return to some degree of normality.

Covid -19


All children from 3rd to 6th should fill out a “Return to Educational facility” form. Please download it underneath or on the Covid-19 resources on the website. This must be filled out every time your child misses school because of illness. On Monday there will be teachers in the car park with forms and they can be filled out then. Please bring your own pen.

Return to Educational Facility declaration form

Parents should not send their children to school if they or other household members have suspected/confirmed COVID-19

Parents should continue to promote good hygiene, face coverings where needed, and respiratory etiquette.

Parents should wear a mask while on school grounds.

Parents should avoid congregating in the car park during the drop-off and pick-up of their children.

There has been a small change with regards to the “Close Contacts” rule. Close contacts in schools will be tested twice on day 0 and day 10. If the test result is negative on day 10, the person can return to school. They do not need to wait until 14 days have elapsed.

Please contact the school and inform us if your child is a close contact or has a positive result. If you find out during out-of-school hours, please email and I will ring you back.


Outdoor playground, outdoor classroom, and new fencing: Danny, our caretaker has been busy over the lockdown getting the school ready for the children. The new playground has new rubber mats placed around it and is being used every day by the children. The outdoor classroom has now an all-weather bark surface. This will be a great resource to the school as it will allow the children and teachers an option to teach outdoors. There is also new fencing down at the bottom of the car park. This will ensure that children when using the bottom pedestrian gate must use the safe path all the way to the school. All these improvements are made possible by your donations to the school so thank you.

Green day: On Tuesday the children can wear green to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

Online learning: Well done to all the children, parents, and teachers who embraced online learning during the last lockdown. We have all learned so much and this will lead to even greater collaboration between schools, parents, and children in the future.


Buses: All buses are running as normal.


Easter Holidays: The school will be closed at 12 on Friday the 26th of March and reopen on Monday the 12th of April.


Communions and Confirmations: No dates have been given for any ceremonies but we will inform parents as soon as we are told.


Stay safe,



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