Great news. The confirmation will be going ahead as planned.

The parish office have asked If there are any any outstanding Confirmation cards or baptismal certificates  to be returned. There will be a Confirmation Blitz Zoom sessions and to register their child as soon as possible.  Buncrana parish will be posting materials on their Facebook page and parish website also.


We are glad to announce that Confirmations will go ahead, beginning next week on the dates and at the churches which are listed here:

St Aengus’ Church, Burt

Tuesday 17 August 5pm               St Aengus’ NS, Bridgend

Tuesday 17 August 7pm               St Aengus’ NS, Bridgend

As with the arrangements for last year, the ceremonies will be limited to the young people themselves and their two parents/guardians.  The class teacher will act as a proxy sponsor and their sponsors will be welcome to wait outside the church.  Each young person will be presented with a sapling to be planted.

In giving his permission for the ceremonies to proceed, Bishop McKeown has asked that families restrict themselves in the social gathering after the ceremony.  I am asking you to respect this request.  We are reminded that these ceremonies take place in the difficult circumstances of a pandemic which is still raging at the moment.  All restrictions inside the churches will be respected.  No tickets are required for the ceremonies – the contact details of the young person will be sufficient for track and trace.

We hope that everyone will enjoy these ceremonies and remain safe and healthy.

We ask God’s blessing on everyone as we go forward in hope.


Fr Francis Bradley


Letter to the Young People being Confirmed in 2021 (Burt Inch Fahan)

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