We’re back!!!. I hope everyone had a lovely summer holiday are all looking forward to the return of school.

Reopening: We are open on Tuesday the 31st of August at 9.20am for all children. Parents of the new junior infant class who wish to walk their children to the door of the classroom can do so at 9.30 am. This will be the case for the first week and after that the children should walk up independently from the main car park at 9.20 with all the other children. Please ensure that you wear a face covering when you are getting out of your car in the school car park. If you cannot wear a mask, please inform the school and your child will be brought outside the school grounds for you.

  • Junior infant parents: Week 1& 2 (up to Friday 10th)- Children finish at 12:00 noon.
  • Teacher brings children to the door. Identify yourself to the teacher.
  • If a parent cannot pick up their child please ring the office.
  • Starting week 3 (Monday 13th September) school will finish with Senior Infants at 2pm.
  • Children will leave from classroom.

The school’s board, school staff, parents and especially the children made a wonderful effort last year in keeping Covid-19 out of the school. We ask you again to make the same effort as last year as we want to remain open throughout the year.

The Department of Education have issued the schools with guidelines and it is basically the same as last year. We will continue to adhere strictly to the guidelines and we ask for your support in following them.

The website has “covid 19 resources” which will show you what procedures and protocols are taking place in the school.

Staff will be out on our first day to let the children know where they are to line up.

Sixth class children will be measured for their hoodies when they come back and ordered in September to give the children the full year to wear them.

Non uniform day: Wednesday will continue to be non-uniform day. The teachers will send out a text message on Monday for uniform and tracksuit days.

Lunches: Ace catering will continue to provide your lunches from Tuesday so please check if you need to change anything. Junior infant parents should bring a full lunch for the first week unless you already have a code for your family. Please change your child’s class teacher so that your child’s lunch will go to the correct class.

Children are not required to fill in a return to education form this year.

If families are returning from overseas travel.  Please go to www.gov.ie on advice with regards to information on if you should isolate or not before returning to school. It is the responsibility of the person travelling, whether they are a staff member, parent or guardian to check the public health advice on their return from the country that they have travelled from.


Looking forward to welcoming back the children on Tuesday,


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