The procedure for contact tracing has changed.

Basically, if your child is a close contact in school and they are asymptomatic they do not need to go forward for testing and self-isolate. If they have symptoms they must go forward for testing and self-isolate.

If Covid 19 has been detected in your house (or your child has just attended a sleepover in an Covid positive house) then the child must self isolate with or without symptoms.

Your child should not come to school if your child has any symptoms of Covid 19. That has not changed.

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If there is any confusion please ring the office.

Underneath is the official wording.

In line with recommendations from the National Public Health Emergency Team, it has
been agreed that from Monday the September 27th 2021, automatic contact tracing of asymptomatic
close contacts in children aged over 3 months and less than 13 years, in primary education is no longer recommended.

This means that children aged between 3 months and 13 years who are identified as a
close contact in school and who are asymptomatic will no longer be routinely required
to restrict their movements.

Children aged between 3 months and 13 years who are identified, as household close
contacts and are not fully vaccinated or have had a confirmed Covid-19 diagnoses in
the last 9 months (even if they have no symptoms) will still need to restrict their
movements and get a COVID 19 test. A child is a household contact if they were present
over-night, in the household of a COVID 19 case while the case was infectious. This may
be in their own home or someone else’s home for example children who may have been
on sleepovers with family or friends.

Public Health advice remains the same for any child between 3 months and 13 years of
age with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 – they should immediately self-isolate, should not attend childcare or school or socialise and follow current public health advice.

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