Further to our survey on morning and afterschool clubs, the school wishes to get names and amounts of children so we can best plan our resources. Currently, the practice of after school clubs and breakfast clubs are not allowed in schools but we envisage that as soon as these restrictions are lifted, we will be ready to start. We are not surprised by the amount of interest in the clubs so there will be a first come, first served basis for the limited places. Please have your sheet returned to school by next Tuesday the 19th of October. Please leave the signed sheet in your child’s bag. Even if you only want your child to attend for one morning or one afternoon a week please still put your name forward. If the places fill up there will be a waiting list to get in.

The morning club will start at 8.20 and finish at 9.20. The children will get their breakfast there if you wish every morning. The price for the morning club is €2 per child each morning without breakfast and €2.50 per child each morning with breakfast. Breakfast will be a bowl of cereal and some toast with a drink of. juice.

The afterschool club will start at 2pm for junior and senior infant parents and 3pm for all other classes. The afterschool will finish at 5pm sharp. The prices for the after school are €6 for the 2pm finishers and €5 for the 3pm finishers. These are the prices regardless if you pick your child up early or not.

The most a family will pay for the service is €100 per week. All money will be paid directly to the school using internet banking. No cash will be accepted.

Homework will be done during this period but parents should still check your child’s homework when they go home.

The morning and after school clubs will be supervised by members of staff and some outside help. Everyone involved will be garda vetted and insurance is included in the price.

A sheet should be gone home with your eldest in the school but if you mislaid it, you can print it off below.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ring the office.


letter to parents for morning and after school clubs

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