Last week as part of our healthy eating plan we sampled some different fruits and vegetables. Here are some pictures of the children munching in the healthy treats.

Also below are the details of a free seminar on healthy eating.

I am delighted to let you know that safefood, along with its START partners, are hosting a free webinar entitled ‘START Talking Treats: The Moderation Conversation’ on Thursday 25th of November at 7.30-8.30pm. This webinar will bring together a panel of health and parenting experts to provide their insights and tips in order to support parents and guardians to start the conversation of moderating treats. The event is open to everyone and will be of particular interest to parents and guardians of children aged 5-12 years.


We appreciate any support you can provide in sharing this event with interested colleagues, family and friends.

To assist you with this, please see provided:



  • Parents, sign up for the free START parenting webinar at 7.30pm on November 25th discussing how we can give our kids smaller treats less often. Register here:
  • Wondering how to talk to your kids about eating less treats? Sign up for the free START webinar at 7.30pm on November 25th for a panel discussion with parenting and health experts. Register here:



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