February Newsletter


The St. Brigid’s crosses have been made, the valentine cards are being prepared and we are bracing ourselves for snow. Spring is here and the optimism around the school is bursting out through its seems. We have every child from Junior infants to sixth class running, jogging or walking the track each morning. We also have up to 30 children every morning hurling. Every child is welcome to hurl each morning so pack the hurl and helmet with the lunch each day.

Enrolment: The school is still accepting enrolments for the school year 2022/23. Please contact the office for an enrolment form.

The school applied for a new heating system to be put into the school and we were successful in our application. Work will commence on this project in the summer. A big thank you must go to our hard-working board for getting this over the line.

Euromillions Syndicate: We haven’t won the jackpot yet but it’s never too late to buy a ticket. Tickets remain on sale through your parent’s association rep and the school. All proceeds from the tickets will go directly back into the education of your children. We are currently upgrading our science and music equipment as well as finishing our library. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Restrictions: The school is still currently following the same restriction as always. We are hopeful that after the February mid-term we will be able to return to a type of pre-pandemic school life.

Foreign language teacher: We are currently trialing Spanish with the 6th class students in school. They will have a six-week course with Ms. Martinez (Erin’s and Marcos mammy) who is giving the children an introduction to Spanish. If there is anyone who wishes to give an introduction to other languages, please contact the school. No experience is necessary.

Internet safety week: Internet safety week is next week and there will be a lesson done during the week with the children on the importance of internet safety. There is a free zoom seminar on Monday night at 7.30. Details on the website.

Morning and after school club: We are ready to go with our morning and after school club and are just awaiting confirmation from the Department of Education to proceed. We will of course send information when we know more. There are still limited spaces for this. The morning club will start at 8.20 and end at 9.20. There will be pick-ups at 2 pm for junior and senior infants and 3 pm for the rest of the school. The homework club will end at 5 pm. There are limited spaces left so please contact the school if you wish to avail of a space or you need additional information.

Swimming: We hope to restart swimming for the children. Last year’s third class missed out on their swimming lessons so we will start with the current 4th class.

Clothes recycling bin: We finally got our clothes bin emptied. Please recycle what you can in the bin. The school does benefit from the money received.

Library: Our new library is being currently being made off-site and will be ready for use in the coming month. We are very excited about this in the school. It will be located beside the hall and will be on a mezzanine level using the high ceiling in the corridor.

We always need donations of books to the school and we now need this more than ever. Please drop what you have to Bernie in the office or send them in with your children.

Please see below our plan for the new library.

The door will soon be open :-),

Have a great weekend,


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