March Newsletter

The sense of relief was palpable around the school as we welcomed March. A real sense of normality seems to be returning to the school. It is great to see all the smiling children faces. The teachers feel energised and for the first time we are seeing the faces of our new junior and senior infant parents.

Covid-19: It is still around and while we gladly have got rid of most of the restrictions, we are still being asked to ensure that hand hygiene and coughing etiquette are maintained. The children will continue to santise their hands on entry and exit of their classroom.

New SNA: The school was allocated another SNA to the school. Darragh McMenamin was hired for the post. Welcome Darragh to the madness of St. Aengus N.S.

Homework club: The homework club is up and running and all details are on the website. There are limited spaces left so please enquire with Bernie in the office.

ASD unit: The school was delighted to announce the opening of an ASD in the school for September. This will provide a much needed resource for the entire school population.

Sport: We are delighted to return to our school leagues in football, hurling and soccer. We will be soon playing inter school’s games and will welcome parents to watch our school games on our new pitch.

Library: This is beginning to take shape. Our mezzanine structure is nearly complete and we look forward to welcoming parents and children to its grand opening.

Donations envelopes: The new library, the playgrounds, the pitches, the sensory gardens are all possible because of your donation and contributions to the Euromillions draw. Keep donating and we’ll keep investing in your child’s future.

Tree planting: The children with the help of Colm Grant are planting over 80 trees around the school. We hope to create a woodland which generations to come can enjoy.

World book week: All this week we are celebrating book week. Please encourage your child to read and listen to you. Give your child a grá for books.

Seactaine na Gaeilge: This will start next Monday until Wednesday the 16th of March. Encourage your child to speak irish and use your own “cúpla focail” yourself. Its not about how correctly you say it, but the effort you make that’s important. “Is fearr gaeilge briste ná béarla clíste”

School closure: The school will be closed on Thursday March 17th and Friday March 18th. The school will close for the summer holidays on Thursday the 23rd of June. This was previously Friday the 24th but because of the extra bank holiday we are closing a day earlier. Every school in the country must do the same amount of days. The full updated school calendar can be found on the website.

The door is almost open,


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