As another successful school term comes to a close I would just like to wish everyone a happy and safe summer break. Thanks again to everyone who have been a great support to the school.

Next term: We were delighted to be informed that an extra teacher was allocated to the school for September. On our staff next year we will have 8 classroom teachers, 4 SET teachers, 2 EAL (English as an additional language teacher), one ASD teacher, and almost 5 SNA’s. More teacher means more support for your children.

Summer works: The school was successful in obtaining summer works grant to change the heating in the school. This will mean an overhaul of the complete heating system and the school will be a warmer, more economical place. We are also converting the back of the hall into an outdoor play area. In this area will be a climbing wall, two sunken trampolines, a water and sand area, and a soft play area.

Ukrainian children: The school has been blown away by the support from parents and the community toward our Ukrainian children. We have welcomed the extra teaching resources from the Dept. of Ed. It means that not only are the Ukrainian children benefitting but all the children are getting extra help. The extra pupils mean that we no longer have to split classes. It means that our general learning support allocation is up meaning that all children benefit. The Ukrainian parents of the children are extremely happy with the school and came together to make a donation to the school to show their appreciation. We look forward to welcoming their children back in September

ASD unit: We are looking forward to officially opening our ASD unit in September. The ASD unit will have 6 children which will have one teacher and two SNA’s. An ASD unit is very much part of the school. Over the coming years, every child will see its benefits. We will have a new sensory room, a new outdoor area, a new gardening area with raised beds and poly tunnels, a sensory garden, trampolines, and much more. The unit will be very much a room where all children will learn great skills like empathy, a caring nature, and patience, etc. There will be a great deal of peer learning in the class so your child will be no doubt visiting the unit regularly.

New library: We are up and running with our brand new library in the school. It is bright, fun comfortable, and most importantly full of interesting books. We are always looking for donations so if you do a clear-out over the summer of good books keep us in mind.

I spoke to all the children before they left and ask them to do two things for me.

  1. Have a great fun summer.
  2. Come back to us safely. Look left and right crossing the road and your remember water safety.


Have a lovely summer and we will see you all in September,


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