Please share and support this appeal for help for Caitlin.

You will find the go fund me details at the bottom of the page.



The school intends to do a fundraiser in the next few weeks and all the children can get involved to help Caitlin.

Every day the children in the school pause to say a prayer for Caitlin. It is a lovely prayer and we encourage everyone to say this with their children at home.


O Lord my friend is special

She means so much to all

She could really do with your help this week

O please God hear our call


O Lord please give her healing

Restore her day by day

Renew her hope and dry her tears

Answer us please I pray


O Lord I put my faith in you

I hope you’ll heel my friend

May she know your love and care

In us she can depend



The Strain family really appreciate it if you could share or donate to this GoFundMe campaign.*Help Caitlín Receive Vital Treatment in America*

Help Caitlín Receive Vital Treatment in America
Thanks for all your help to date.
Urgent appeal for help, Caitlin Strain now needs us more than…
Forward this message to your contacts to help this campaign reach its target!
This young lady needs support 🙏

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