School this morning is filled with emotion. There are tears in all our eyes as we grieve the loss of our beautiful Caitlin. She touched all of our lives with her sense of humour and fun. Her class retells funny stories of the tricks she was up to. We miss you deeply Caitlin but your vibrant personality and flowing curls will live with us until we are reunited.

I have spoken to Eimear and Thomas and we are respecting their wishes. There will be a guard of Honour before mass at the church. Children should be in the Guard of honour at 10.30. Parents who wish to have their children on the guard of honour should bring their own children and stand behind them. Children should wear their full uniform. Please bring a coat as the children could be standing for a number of minutes and take this off when Caitlin passes us. The children can go back to school afterwards or go to the mass but their parents should accompany them to the funeral.
The school will be continuing as normal for all children. The school will be open in the morning. There will be a number of children taking part in the ceremony and you will be contacted by phone for your consent.

There are two psychologists in the school providing support for the teachers and children for the next three days. If any parent wishes to call in/ring in and seek advice, please do so. Questions like, “should I bring my child to the wake house/funeral? how to answer difficult questions etc.” They will advise you of the best course of action for your child.

The Strain family are so thankful to the whole school community for their support and prayers over the period of Caitlin’s illness. We hope to give her the send-off that she deserves.

Rest in peace our little angel,


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