December newsletter
Caitlin: Our beautiful third class girl Caitlin is looking down on us now from above. We are all heartbroken and we will mourn your loss for a long time to come. We will of course place a permanent reminder of Caitlin in school and we will look from input from her family, friends and school mates in the coming months. Your undeniable positive attitude and fantastic sense of wit will live with us forever.
The school was extremely proud of all our children during the week. The reverence and respect shown at the church and at school once again show us that this school community looks out and cares deeply for one another.
The school continues to provide support for the children. Our school psychologist Kathleen McGinley has given us great support to the staff, pupils and parents during the week and will continue to do so if needed.
Rest in Peace Caitlin.
Christmas plays: The carol service will take place on Tuesday the 13th of December at 6.30pm in Burt Chapel. Second class will preform the nativity play and the children from 3rd to 6th class will form the choir. This event is open to the whole community so please spread the word. Junior, senior and first classes will have their plays in the school hall on Wednesday the 14th of December starting at 12.30 for junior infants, 1.15 for senior infants and 2.00 for 1st class. These will be taking place in the school hall
Morning and after school: Our morning and afterschool clubs have been a great success. For the last week could parents please pay in advance. There will no after school on the Wednesday. There is morning club.
Christmas holidays: School closes at 12pm on Wednesday the 21st of December. The school reopens on Thursday the 5th of January.
Christmas draw: We have some great prizes again this. A Smyth’s voucher, two tablets, hampers. The last day to bring in your card is Friday the 16th of December. The draw will take place on Monday the 19th.
Euromillions: St. Aengus N.S. Parent’s Association is relaunching our EuroMillions fundraiser. Tickets for our EuroMillions draw for the year are only €20. Each ticket guarantees you 4 lines of every Euromillions draw for the full year. The question you have to ask yourself is “Can you afford to be the person to miss out on a share of a huge Euromillions jackpot?”
Joking aside, all proceeds from the draw are immediately spent to improve the facilities and resources in the school. In the last year, because of the money collected we have been able to build a brand new library, fully stocked with books to suit all reading abilities, and a new outdoor space for the children with a trampoline and climbing frame. We have further plans, brought forward by the student council, to improve our IT resources and build a new gardening area with a polytunnel for the children.
The tickets would be a great idea to buy for the uncle that has it all or an aunt who spends her life dreaming of waking up in a sundrenched land far far away. 😉
You can keep them happy while helping out the school at the same time.
Tickets are on sale at the school and the following parents Louise Hegarty, Anne Strain, Patricia Boyle, Michelle Callaghan, Aisling Strain, Teresa Porter, Jennifer Hardy, Joanne McBrearty, Roisin Doherty, Charlie Doherty, Michelle McKinney, Caoimhe Jennings, Geraldine McDermott, Celia Kearns, Dawn Strain & Claire Burgess.
And remember it could be us!

Cinema trip: All the children will be going to the cinema for their end of term treat. The children will be going to the bowling alley to see a Christmas movie. The price of the trip is €5. This includes the bus and cinema ticket. Please bring in the money at your earliest convenience.
Clil: The school has been chosen to participate in a pilot project to promote the use of the Irish language in PE. Junior and senior infants will be participating in the project and we hope to commence this in the new year. We will also be looking for interest in sending 6th class to the Gaeltacht in May. This is something we tried to promote pre covid and the children were very excited by it. We will be look for an expression of interest in the new year and we hope to have an information meeting for the parents.
I hope to see everyone as we enter Christmas play season. Happy Christmas to all and I’m pretty sure everyone in St. Aengus N.S. is on the good list (Except maybe a certain elf called Eamon)

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