Reading Week

For reading week we’ve taken part with DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), online reading with GetEpic, making bookmarks, colouring competitions for our favourite book covers, writing stories, retelling well know fairy tales, made our own books on BookCreator,  and reading with Junior Infants!

Handball with Manus

Parachute Testing

Today for our stem activity we attempted creating parachutes for our figurines. We used plastic, string and tape to create our flying contraptions! 


As part of STEM Week we took part in several tasks using Izak9 cubes!

Dráma i Gaeilge

Bhí an spraoi againn as cheacht Gaeilge inniú.  

Sign Language

Danny our amazing caretaker has been teaching us sign language. We now know the alphabet, a few different animals, and some other every day important words. 


3rd completed many fun activities while learning about length. They used various implements, travelled all around the claasroom and school and recorded their results. 

Hot Chocolate 

Third Class were treated to hot chocolate, chocolate chips, marshmallows and whipped cream for all their hard work in the past few weeks preparing for the play. It was delicious!



Third Class learned all about electricity,  where it comes from, how it is made and used. The dangerous of electricity in our homes and in our world. We then created our own circuits using batteries, wires, crocodile clips, buzzers, bulbs and spinners! 




Last week we began knitting.  We have begun learning how to knit with the help of M&s Connaughton,  Liz and some of the 6th Class girls! 

Carving Pumpkins

We enjoyed the last day of term by having a disco and carving pumpkins!


This week in math we used pictograms, tally charts and bar graphs to represent various information sets. We complete surveys and played lots of games.

Underwater Art 

Continuing our marine explorers theme and linking with Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, we created our own under water creatures!

Math Games

We’ve been playing many math games to practise our addition of large numbers and place value and we used the tablets to revise our tables!

Marine Life Exploration 

Been Whelan came to our class this week and told us all about Ireland and in particular Inishowen and the marine life that surrounds it. We discussed pollution  and it’s effect on our oceans. We will bein a research  project to reflect this new learning for his return visit!


Our New 3rd Class 

Our new 3rd class were busy this week working with big numbers by putting hundred squares back together.