We have been learning all about the Aztecs in fifth class. The children have been busy working on their projects over the last few weeks. Such a great effort and amazing results. Well done!
Day 4 of active week

Bouncy castle, penalty shoot out, karate and cricket!

Day 3 of active week

Day 2 of active week

We had drumming with Dave, tug of war, GAA skills, soccar, and art with Jarla!

Drumming with Dave

Games for learning

We enjoyed playing some games for learning in the classroom

Math trails in the sun

We completed math challenges around the school in the sunshine today

Northern Ireland

We began researching various topics and personalities related to Northern Ireland. We are looking at the fight for civil rights as well as the troubles and the peace process and Good Friday Agreement.

Experimenting with sight And light

Lichtenstein style portraits

While the boys were away today, the girls drew themselves in a new way!


We researched various countries in Africa on the tablets and wrote up our findings. We also created art inspired by African Ndebele art.

Medieval display

A big thank you to all that helped with projrcts, arts and crafts! What an amazing variety and effort! The whole school enjoyed the presentation today!

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We began making dream catchers using CDs and a weaving method with wool.

Book week

Mr McGowan read to the class today. His book of choice, The Demon Headmaster!!

Book week

We began book week by listening to exerpts from various books read by famous faces. We designed and drew our own book covers and enjoyed DEAR time at 12.00! Best of all, only reading homework!!!!

We also took part in paired reading with 1st class!

Easter holidays

We finished our second term with an assembly based in Japan where we conveyed all that we learned over the past two weeks. We also completed beautiful art yesterday….the colourful cherry blossom branches! We completed our half day in egggggcellent style….our guggy hunt!!!

Easter art


We’ve begun learning about Japan. We conducted research in our tablrts.


We’ve begun preparing for St Patrick’s Day

PE in the Fog

We enjoyed PE this morning in the fog! Our hurling skills are really coming along!

Science with infants

Today we conducted experiments with senior infants and tried our hands at being engineers


St patricks Day

We revised the story of St Patrick while painting today πŸ˜€

Science / Engineering Week

We’ve been enjoying watching videos about feats of engineering, learning about how things work and why they are built a certain way as well as conducting experiments!


Today we learned about circuits and had some fun creating them 😁😁😁

Prehistoric projects 

We’ve been busy in our class, learning and creating based on prehistoric times! We’ve been quite creative 😊😊