Sound Science

We were learning about sound and how by shortening the wave pattern you can increase the pitch . We made some straw oboes to test this theory.




3D Shapes

We have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes and had fun making our own! Can you name them?

CIMG2046 CIMG2048 CIMG2047


We looked at air pressure and how moving air has more pressure than still air. This is how aeroplanes can stay in the air because air flows faster over the curved top of the wings than under the flatter bottom. We made our own paper aeroplanes and launched them outside.

.CIMG2040 CIMG2041 CIMG2043 CIMG2044

4th and 5th class recently went to a Science fair at LYIT. They really enjoyed the different experiments. Here are a few pictures of our ‘budding scientists!!



 CIMG2018CIMG2014 CIMG2029CIMG2021


4th and 5th Class wrote poems for their anti-bullying assembly. Here are some examples of their great work.

Bullying by Laura McBride (4th Class)

Bullying is serious, don’t you see that?

But you seriously don’t when you called me a rat.

You’re just a fool and jealous and mean.

Don’t they know they’re not the school’s queen.

Bullying is hurtful and you should know it by now.

Do you not think it’s time to end this row?


Bullying by Adam Doran (4th Class)

You think you’re tough and hurt the weak people in the school.

One day you try to bully me but you find out I’m stronger and stop bullying because you’re weak now.


Being Bullied by Emma Downey (5th Class)

You’re really mean to me and hurt me a lot.

I thought that you were my friend but now I think not.

Maybe you’re jealous, maybe you’re sad.

I didn’t know, I made you that mad.


Bullying by Rachel Breslin (5th Class)

I saw you bully that girl the other day.

You kicked her and hit her until she ran away.

Is it because you’re jealous or mad or is it because you are just sad?


I’m the Bully by Zoe Whoriskey (5th Class)

I’m really, really, really cool.

I pick on people because they’re a fool.

Some people think of me a jerk but I know I’m such a ‘perf’.

There’s a little girl in my class, I push her everytime I go pass.

She’s really quiet and really weak, but if I give her a slap, then she speaks.

I leave her out in every game because she’s a weirdo and I call her names.

I make her do things really bad, she gets in trouble and gets really sad.

But then I realised why no one plays with me. I’m the bully now I see.


Bullying by Eliana Campbell (4th Class)

Why do you bully me so?

Do you not like the colour of my bow?

Don’t you realise you’re a bit conceited?

How will you feel when you’re defeated?

Is it because I’m smarter than you?

Or because, I can buckle my shoe?

Come on please tell me why.

Or else we’ll just have to say bye.


Bullying by James Doherty (4th Class)

You think that you’re so cool but all you are is just a fool.

You think you’re cool and you think you’re tough but in games you are really rough.

I think you might be jealous of me but why don’t you just leave me be.

You are mean, you make me sad. I think bullying is really bad.

 Christmas Plays

DSC_0597 DSC_0604 DSC_0608 DSC_0610 DSC_0623 DSC_0624 DSC_0628


5th class went to Burt GAA pitch, along with Tooban N.S. to develop their skills in Hurley and Camogie. The girls were lucky enough to be coached by a member of the Mayo Camogie Team.

5th 5thClass Burt 5thplaying burt foot

 Super Science

4th and 5th class went to Buncrana Library during ‘Wainfest’ for a super Science experience! We met a real Doctor of Science who talked us through Newton’s theory of Gravity and about the forces at work all around us. She showed us some fun way of explaining these concepts.


science2 science library3 library2 library kyle 5thlibrary