Our ASD classroom

Have a look at our current ASD class. Our classroom is a newly designed dedicated ASD room on the left wing of our school. We have our own purpose-built classroom, sensory room, and yard so we have plenty of space.
We currently have two brand new ASD classes and we will be opening a third in September 2024. If you have any enquires please ring us on 074 936 8352.
Our day is full of sensory experiences from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep. We all respond to sensory information within our environment differently as we touch, move, see, hear, taste and smell things around us. The environment in which learning takes place has a significant impact on the participation of children, especially those with disabilities (Maciver et al.,2019).
A sensory space is a designated area within a school which can support a student’s sensory
preferences and needs. We have an indoor and outdoor sensory space as you can see in the video below.