Active School Committee

The active school committee was created at the beginning of the year. the children from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes got the opportunity to vote for one boy and one girl from their class who they would like to represent the on the committee and the third highest candidate from each class was also selected. in all we now have 12 strong committee members.


pupil survey on clubs

the active committee carried out a student survey on all of the pupils in the school to see what sports clubs our children attend. From this information the committee created a bar chart of the information which we put on display on our active board making children aware of the clubs in our area.

individual and team acknowledgements

Here at st. aengus’ we are hugely proud of our pupils achievements both within the school and with their local clubs and sports teams. we always encourage the pupils to bring their awards into school to show them to their peers. Children will often go into other classrooms to show their awards to others. master mc gowan will also congratulate pupils over the schools intercom system.

parental involvement

we are extremely lucky in our school that we have a parent body who really encourage their children to be active and also support the school in our effort to increase the physical activity throughout the school day. parents have been involved in delivering lots of active workshops to the children throughout the year such as; basketball, hurling, gaelic football, soccer to name a few.

cycling ireland

as part of the active flag we approached cycling ireland to see if they would attend our school to deliver a cycling programme. every child in the school has been awarded the opportunity to participate in the cycling for five weeks and they are really enjoying it.


we love to acknowledge the sporting achievements of our pupils here in st. aengus’. we’ve had a variety of different presentations where guests have been invited in to present awards to the children.

Geraldine Mc laughlin of the donegal ladies team presenting medals to some of the children

health promotion flag

the school is also taking part in the health promotion flag this year and the health promotion committee have been working hard alongside the active committee to highlight the importance of a healthy body and healthy mind and that an increase in physical activity will lead the way to reaching these goals.

Racism in Football workshop

We had the people from s.a.r.i. (sport against racism ireland) giving an anti-racism soccer workshop to the children. the children loved the experience.