Do your talking while you’re walking

The active committee are encouraging every child in the school to do their talking while they’re walking on the playground. Yet another great initiative from our active committee!

Pe Equipment on the yard

We have been enjoying taking the pe equipment outside on the yard at big break. Every class has a day each. The committee members from 5th and 6th are doing a great job organising it every day.

Lunchtime Sport

The children have participated in a variety of lunchtime leagues throughout the year. Soccer, Gaelic football, Hurling, Camogie and Basketball. These activities were enjoyed by all the pupils as they engaged in a fun and active event within the school.




As part of the active flag we decided that we would focus on the strand of gymnastics. In order to do this we highlighted the need for extra equipment and in particular some extra mats. 

Game of the Week

The active committee have been very busy receiving feedback from their peers about the lunchtime active games which they would like to participate in and they relayed the information back to the teachers and the rest of the committee. Then the 6th class pupils took up the role of ‘Playground Leaders’ and overseen the pupils participated in the selected game.


The Active Committee have come up with so many different running activities to encourage the entire student body to get active. From running in the morning, a K a day, run around Europe and a run to Lapland it’s fair to say that the kids love our new running track.


Active Holiday’s

The members of the Active Committee have come up with some great ideas to celebrate the holiday’s in a fun and active way. the children to part in a halloween disco, the run around lapland challenge, easter egg hunt and ceili dancing for seachtain na gaelige

Active school trips

here in st. aengus’ we encourage all staff to take their class group on active school tours, these include; creggan country park, the mud run, carrowmenagh outdoor activity park, banana’s and many more. the kids really enjoy their school trips and the come back to school exhausted and with a smile on their face!