SPOOKY SHENANIGANS IN SENIOR INFANTS- halloween has well and truly arrived in our class. We have been; making witches potions in the water area and writing them out;acting out Halloween scenes in our spooky kitchen; building constructions such as haunted houses and carving our own pumpkins!!! We have also read the story Room on a Broom and learned the poem Pùca Pùca!

AUTUMN SCAVENGER HUNT -we had great fun searching the school grounds for signs of autumn. We found autumn leaves, berries, seeds, pine cones and trees.

2D SHAPES- we have been learning all about 2D shapes this week in Senior Infants. We have been finding circles, rectangles, triangles and squares in our classroom. We have been playing guess the shape and making 2D shape pictures.

JUNK ART-Check out our amazing junk art creations. We used recyclable materials, scrap paper and masking tape to make lots of different things including Titanic ships, a train, a rocket with a landing pad, a car, tin whistles, houses and a stage

Birthdays is our Aistear theme this month. We are enjoying acting out birthday scenarios in our role play and small world areas and making cupcakes and birthday treats with the sand and playdough.

Fine Motor Activities- We have been having lots of fun threading, cutting and sticking, using peg boards and Numicon pieces to help develop our fine motor skills!

Welcome back to the new Senior Infant Class. They had a super first day back at school and enjoyed seeing all their friends again!